Is there a time bomb in your laundry room?

Dryer Vent Duct Cleaning

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The dryer vent duct is one of the most overlooked areas in home maintenance and leads to over 15,000+ thousand fires each year in America. A professional dryer vent cleaning is recommended once a year to maintain your system and protect your home.


Having your Dryer Vent Duct cleaned by a professional company will ensure complete removal of dangerous lint and buildup, not only lowering your risk of fire but also allowing your dryer to dry clothes faster.

the savings

Having your Dryer Vent Duct cleaned regularly will help your dryer perform at top efficiency. Not only will you enjoy shorter drying cycles, but your energy bill will be lower because your dryer is performing more efficiently!


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What to expect from our Dryer Vent Cleaning?

Our service includes a FREE before and after video inspection of the Dryer Vent Duct to show our clients what the vent looks like before we service it and after our cleaning. Along with our video inspection, we provide you with the air flow metrics of your dryer and dryer vent before and after the cleaning to show you the increase in dryer efficiency.

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